Understanding SERP Score ("keyword difficulty")

Understand how to use SERP Score as a keyword competition metric

Unlike other keyword tools that return a keyword difficulty (KD) score, Keyword Chef uses SERP Score instead to measure keyword competition. The SERP Score is the number of easy to outrank sites that are on the first page search results for that keyword. The higher the number, the better.

These easy to outrank sites are typically sites with user generated content (UGC), such as forums and social sites. These sites have long been easier to outrank because they are poorly optimized for SEO.

The number of the SERP Score is color coded to make them easier to find:

  • Grey: 0-2

  • Yellow: 3

  • Green: 4 or more

Green scores are very good keywords to target. Yellow scores are good as well. Grey scores may or may not be too competitive depending on the keyword and will require manual analysis.

You can view the SERP for a keyword by hovering over the SERP Score to see the SERP Preview Window. This preview window will highlight which links in the SERP were counted toward the SERP Score.

SERP Scores can also be customized by clicking the Customize SERP Score button.

Getting the SERP Score

Getting the SERP Score for a keyword can be done in two different ways:

  • Clicking the magnifying glass on the row (free trial uses can lookup a total of 30 SERPs)

  • Clicking the Get All SERPs button (paid users only)

Free trial uses are limited to 30 SERP lookups and paying users (any plan) can lookup unlimited keywords.

The easiest way to load all the SERPs for the entire report is to click the Get All SERPs button.

Why are "Keyword Difficulty" and "Competition" from other tools inaccurate?

Many other tools rely on Domain Authority or CPC as a competition metric. Both of these metrics are misleading. Domain Authority is wrong because it doesn't take into account search intent or how well optimize the page is for SEO. CPC is also incorrect because it's based on advertiser bidding rather than organic search results.

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