Hi and welcome! Keyword Chef is an exciting and refreshing keyword discovery that's unlike any other keyword tool you've tried.

First, it was built by real SEOs who run their own niche sites and understand keyword quality, search intent, and performing manual SERP analysis. Keyword Chef has automated the entire process of easily finding low competition keywords that you know you can easily rank for without backlinks.

How does Keyword Chef work?

Keyword Chef uses a handcrafted algorithm to find and filter keywords that have known search intent. While other keyword tools return tens of thousands of keywords, Keyword Chef automatically removes all the "junk" keywords, saving you hours of filtering and sorting.

We have keywords for every content type. Whether you are writing informational posts, best-of money pages, doing product comparisons, or writing listicles, we got you covered.

And the best part? You can easily find which keywords have forums ranking for them on the front page with a single click of a button (yes, even in bulk at no extra charge).

How do I get started?

If you haven't yet, create a new user to sign up and start using your free credits. Keyword Chef works best when you search for activities or items in your niche that people may have questions about. You can search for ‘cooking with cast iron’ or ‘bbq chicken’.

One of our great features is wildcard search. You can search for 'can you cook * in the oven' and let Keyword Chef fill in the blank. If you want to exclude words from your search, just use the minus symbol like ‘cooking -chicken -pasta’.

Oh yeah, every report is automatically saved under ‘My Reports’. Feel free to share the public link with your team or writer.

What about competition analysis (checking SERPs)?

Another great feature is our real-time SERP preview tool. On a keyword row, click the magnifying glass. This will give you a preview of the search engine results and automatically highlight forums and other user-generated content, which is typically an indicator of low competition.

You can get all the SERPs for your entire report at once by clicking the 'Get All SERPs' button (available on any paid plan).

I have more questions or want to give feedback

We’d love to hear from you and are super available. You can…


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