Keyword Categories

Learn about the different keyword categories

When searching in Keyword Chef, there are several categories to choose from:

  • Wildcard: The Wildcard category is unique in that it's the only category that requires an asterisk (*) symbol. The wildcard search is done by adding an asterisk to your search term, where the asterisk will be replaced with various words in your report. This is useful if you wanted to focus on a particular type of keyword. Here's are some keyword results when searching for "does * go with pizza":

    • does wine go with pizza

    • does red wine go with pizza

    • does pinot noir go with pizza

    • does sangria go with pizza

    • does merlot go with pizza

    Here are more ideas of how to use wildcard search:

    • can you eat pizza with *

    • is pizza healthier than *

    • cooking pizza with *

    • what * to use for pizza dough

    You can also do more broad searches like:

    • cheese free pizza *

    • * cheese free pizza

While multiple wildcards may work sometimes, it's not officially supported.

  • Questions: The question category is great to find informational type keywords. These are composed of questions people are asking about your search term such as "why are", "what is", etc. "How to" keywords are excluded from this category. This is because there are a lot of how-to keywords and publishers may want to avoid them as readers want to see detailed photos or video.

  • Best: Best keywords are a good choice for review and top product articles. All Best keywords begin with "best".

  • Compare: Comparisons are keywords that compare your search term with something else. Examples are "x vs y" and "x or y".

  • How to: How to article are just that, keywords that being with "how to". Oftentimes these keywords require pictures of video for explanation for the reader.

  • Most: Most keywords are similar to Best keywords but begin with "most". These keywords can do well for top product articles or be turned into listicles.

  • Alternatives: Alternatives keywords are keywords that contain the "alternative". These keywords are about alternative products or solutions to the search term.

  • Ideas: Idea keywords are keywords that contain the word "ideas". A lot of these search results are dominated by Pinterest.

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