Report metrics

Learn about your report metrics like Search Volume and Similar and PAA keywords

Your report has various data and metrics to help you gain insight into keywords

  • Avg: The avg monthly search volume for the past 12 months

  • High: The highest month's volume for the past 12 months

  • Low: The lowest month's volume for the past 12 months

  • SERP: The number of easy to outrank sites ranking on the first page (see Understanding SERP Score)

Search volume is an estimate of how many people are searching for that keyword per month. This data is gathered from Google Keyword Planner using a 3rd party API.

While a lot of keywords will have a search volume of 0, the actual traffic you'll get for ranking these keywords may be much higher. This is because there are many different variants for keywords and pages will naturally rank for other keywords in addition to the one you are targetting. Some SEOs even ignore volume entirely.

If all the SERPs are loaded in your report, you will also see:

  • Similar: These keywords come from your existing report and are grouped together based on how similar the search results are to each other. This is a very powerful way to see which keywords can be included together in the same article. The percent match is how similar the search results are to the main keyword. A 100% match means that the links in that SERP all exist in the SERP of the main keyword.

  • PAA: PAA stands is People Also Asked. These are keywords that come from the search results for that keyword in Google. These keywords may give you additional keyword ideas that may fit in the same article or be a separate article.

To show the Similar or PAA keywords, click on the Similar or PAA buttons for that row.

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