Finding keywords using regular and wildcard search

Learn how to use regular search, wildcard search, and negative keywords

Regular search

Using the search function normally is the easiest and most effective way to find keywords for most topics. When using regular search, it's best to search for items in your niche.

If your niche was pizza, you could do a broad search for "pizza" or do a more narrow search like:

  • pizza oven

  • pizza dough

  • pizza toppings

  • pizza pan

  • deep dish pizza

Here's another example for cooking niche:

  • cast iron skillet

  • microwave

  • toaster oven

  • spatula

  • cutting board

The broader your niche, the easier it will be to find topics to search for. You may even want to make a list of search terms to use before you begin your search.

Wildcard search (*)

The wildcard search is a great feature when you want to:

  1. Focus on a particular keyword phrase

  2. Search for more abstract or obscure search terms

The wildcard search will work by replacing the wildcard (asterisk symbol) with any word.

Here are a few examples of using wildcard search for specific phrases:

  • can you eat pizza with *

  • is pizza healthier than *

  • cooking pizza with *

  • what * to use for pizza dough

For more obscure searches, you can search for topics like:

  • cheese free pizza *

  • * cheese free pizza

Negative words (-)

If you wish to exclude certain words from your search, use the minus symbol like ‘cooking -chicken -pasta’.

The keyword preview window will also let you ignore keywords that contain popular words within each specific category.