SERP Preview Window

Learn about the SERP Preview Window

The SERP Preview Window is shown when you hover over the SERP Score for a keyword. This will show the top 10 organic search results from Google. Sometimes Google displays less than 10 organic search results so the number of results may be less in the SERP Preview Window.

Results that are counted toward the SERP Score will be highlighted.

Word Counts

Additionally, displaying the SERP Preview Window for more than 1 second will automatically fetch the word count for the articles in the results. If a result is not an article, such as a forum or ecommerce website, the word count will not be fetched for that result.

A common question people have is "Does word count matter?" and "how long should articles be?"

A common misconception that beginners may have is that longer articles rank better. While there are some studies that show a correlation between article length and rankings, longer articles tend to rank better not because they are longer, but because they usually contain more helpful and detailed information.

It's best practice to try to create the most helpful and use friendly resource for your readers. For question type keywords, it's a good idea to strive for at least 1200 while still staying relevant.

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