Understanding SERP Score

Understand how to use SERP Score as a keyword competition metric

Unlike other keyword tools that return a keyword difficulty (KD) score, Keyword Chef uses SERP Score instead to measure keyword competition.

Many other tools rely on Domain Authority or CPC as a competition metric. Both of these metrics are misleading. Domain Authority is wrong because it doesn't take into account search intent or how well optimize the page is for SEO. CPC is also incorrect because it's based on advertiser bidding rather than organic search results.

SERP Score instead looks at the number of websites in the SERPs (search engine result page) that have been well known in the industry to be easily outranked without backlinks with good content and basic SEO practices.

The SERP Score looks for forums and other sites with user-generated content. The reason why these sites are easy to outrank despite having high DA is because as these pages are user-generated, they aren't well optimized for SEO. The fact they are ranking for a keyword without being optimized tells us the keyword must be easy.

To view the SERP score for a particular keyword, click the magnifying glass.

The colors of the SERP score reflect the number. This is just an easy to help find numbers easier:

  • Grey: 0-2

  • Yellow: 3

  • Green: 4 or more

Typically, yellow or green are good keywords to go after, but 2 can be as well. You'll always want to double-check the SERPs to make sure there aren't any false positives (websites that aren't actually easy to outrank).